Karuna Law is a Portland, Oregon private public-interest law firm dedicated to obtaining justice and compensation for the injured and to protecting those who can’t speak for themselves.

Oregon injury lawyers

As Portland injury accident lawyers, we represent people in serious personal injury cases. We investigate facts, evaluate medical records and other relevant documents, identify responsible parties, and prepare cases for trial from the moment that we take them.

Karuna Law has a proven record of success at trial and in settlement negotiations. We combine compassion for injured people and their families with aggressive representation. We fight hard to get justice and fair compensation to help injury survivors heal and restore lives as much as possible. We consider cases throughout Oregon involving serious and traumatic auto collision injuries, dangerous premises, defective products, medical malpractice, and wrongful conduct.

Oregon animal law attorneys

As Portland lawyers practicing animal law, we pursue injury cases involving harm to animals and harm caused by careless animal guardians. We accept cases involving all animal-related legal issues, including animal custody, dog bites, equine law, negligence, and veterinary malpractice.

But our animal law practice also sees animal law as law for animals, not just law that happens to involve them. We strive to maintain a vigorous public-interest docket of cases involving endangered species and farmed animals. Admitted to practice in federal and state courts and focused on civil litigation, we are able to advocate effectively for wildlife and habitat protection and to provide sound legal counsel and aggressive representation at below market rates or on a statutory fee basis to non-profit organizations working in animal protection and habitat conservation.